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Necklace – Choker – Red White CZ with Pearl and Emerald bead hanging

210,837 Incl. GST

Neckalce – Short – 3L Pearl Ruby Emerald Gold Ball Enamel Leaf Mop

114,274 Incl. GST

Neckalce – Short – 1+4 Pearl Ruby Emerald Gold Filigree bead sutti

78,349 Incl. GST

Neckalce – Short – 4L Pearl Emerald bead Gold Ball Press Chain sutti

69,506 Incl. GST

Earring – Red CZ with Pearl Ruby Emerald hanging

28,546 Incl. GST

Earring – Red White CZ with Pearl Emerald bead hanging

20,579 Incl. GST

Earring – Pearl Ruby Emerald Gold Ball Enamel Leaf Jumka

57,044 Incl. GST

Pendant – SL – Antique Peacock With Cob Ruby Emerald With Hanging

115,797 Incl. GST

Pendant – Single Loop Antique Lakshmi Cob Ruby Emerald + Hanging

63,211 Incl. GST

Pendant – Pipe Loop Antique Floral Cob Ruby Ruby Emerald Hanging

30,358 Incl. GST

Earring – Kashmiri Jumka with Ruby Emerald Bead Pearl Hanging

62,946 Incl. GST

Necklace – Long – Multi Row Pearl Emerald Bead White CZ

104,286 Incl. GST